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Why Hydroponic farming?

Hydroponics is an ideal choice for any grower regardless of their scale of production.

Hydroponics is an ideal choice for any grower regardless of their scale of production. It is an excellent choice because it gives you the freedom to control and vary the factors that affect the growth of plants. A fine-tuned hydroponic system will easily outdo a soil based system in terms of yield, quality and the amount of space required to produce.  

Advantages of Hydroponics

Here are a few reasons why Hydroponics is good

BETTER YIELDS – Hydroponics farming comes with many benefits, however, none of them is more prominent than the fact it increases the productivity of your plants. In a fine-tuned hydroponic system, plants will produce 30% more when compared to plants grown directly in the soil.

FASTER GROWTH – In a hydroponics farming environment, plants have the leverage to grow faster because they don’t have to work extra hard to reach nutrients. Even a small root system will sufficiently deliver enough nutrients to any plant. Therefore, plants are able to concentrate on growing upwards instead of expanding their root systems to reach deeper nutrients and water. Plants under this technology will grow up to 25% faster than soil-based ones.

WATER SAVING – Since a hydroponic system isn’t open, it results in less evaporation. Plants are therefore able to utilize less water than soil-based ones.

YEAR-ROUND PRODUCTION – With hydroponics, you’ve got control of the seasons. There are no longer limitations on when you can sow or harvest your plants since the whole system is in a controlled environment. Even when winter hits hard or summer burns itself out, you are guaranteed a bountiful harvest

LESS LAND NEEDED – As most people are not privileged enough to have vast amounts of land at their disposal hydroponics can circumvent this issue by growing indoors or in greenhouses which require less space than soil-based farming

LESS LABOUR REQUIRED – Hydroponics farming is capital intensive. This implies that they require less human labor. For example, you do not have to weed the plants