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A Farm on wheels

A Farm on wheels? The Future of Urban Farming in Zimbabwe.

For every kilometre that it travels, fresh produce becomes less and less, well, fresh.

It loses flavour, colour, and nutrition while becoming more likely to be spoilt to a point of complete wastage. All the while increasing the carbon footprint of agriculture, and often harbouring dangerous heavy metals and pesticides

Unfortunately, most of our produce has to travel halfway across the country, and sometimes the world to get to our stores. All this before decaying further on the shelf until we rescue it, and put it out of its misery.

Our food system was set up this way. It is the cost of living in an urban society. A society our ancestors worked very hard to create. Nothing short of a revolution would change this status quo.

The good news is that we at Vitagrow have that very revolution in-store. Literally!

Our very first mobile farm is live and serving the Customers of Guzzies at Brookfield with fresh, living produce.

Living produce? You might ask. It is exactly as the name suggests. Our mobile farm literally serves customers with living and thriving plants ready to be harvested in the place they do their shopping.

Our hydroponic systems ensure that there will be no loss in flavour, colour or nutrition since our produce is grown on-site and harvested by you, for you!

What’s more, most of our living produce can be harvested and replanted in a bowl of water; meaning even without refrigeration, you can continue to enjoy healthy farm freshness, in the comfort of your suburban home or town office. No nasty pesticides. No dangerous heavy metals. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Guzzies at Brookfield and be part of the urban farm revolution!